Flower delivery drivers

Flower delivery drivers represent a kind of flower trade which suits Gebroeders van der Lans to a T. We purchase flowers for several flower delivery drivers every day. These flower delivery drivers then deliver their loads to florists, market vendors and garden centres in several countries. Needless to say, all clients have their own specific requirements. Thanks to our extensive experience in the field, we know just what each type of client needs.

One of our flower delivery drivers is Piet van Duyn, who drives to Germany and back twice a week. Mr Van Duyn provides quite a few German florists with fresh cut flowers at a sharp price point. That’s why some people call flower delivery drivers travelling wholesalers in flowers and plants.

There are many benefits to getting others to purchase your flowers for you. Since we can buy in bulk and have connections among flower growers, we can offer guaranteed fresh cut flowers at a very competitive prices.

3 koloms cash en carry V3

Cash & Carry

Having gained extensive experience running a cash-and-carry flower shop in Belgium ourselves, we know just what cash-and-carry florists need, and we buy their flowers every day.

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For many years now, we have supplied a leading wholesaler of mixed and monofloral bouquets with all its flowers.

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