For many years now, we have supplied a leading wholesaler of mixed and monofloral bouquets with all its flowers.

When it comes to flower deliveries, every client has their own preferences and requirements. Purchasing flowers for a bouquet-maker requires a lot of preparation on the client’s part. Once the client has submitted their wish list, it is up to us to procure the right flowers with the right colours. We purchase flowers directly from growers and importers and at flower auctions held across the Netherlands.

3 koloms lijnrijder V2

Flower delivery drivers

Flower delivery drivers represent a kind of flower trade which suits our company to a T. We purchase flowers for several flower delivery drivers every day.

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Cash & Carry

Having gained extensive experience running a cash-and-carry flower shop in Belgium ourselves, we know just what cash-and-carry florists need, and we buy their flowers every day.

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