About us

Gebroeders van der Lans Bloemex b.v.’s history goes back to 1939. On the 1st of January of that year, a company called Gebroeders van der Lans Metropol was founded by three brothers: Leen, Cor and Piet van der Lans. In the early years, the company was located in Noordwijkerhout and mainly focused on growing and exporting bulbs.

In 1976, Piet van der Lans took over Gebroeders van der Lans Bloemex b.v. He set up shop at Naaldwijk’s CCWS flower auction house, and specialised in purchasing flowers and exporting them to Germany – with considerable success.

After Piet van der Lans passed away, his wife Marian van der Lans started running Gebroeders van der Lans Bloemex b.v in December 1988. In addition to maintaining exports to Germany, she began exporting flowers to Belgium and France.

Present day
By now, the third generation of Van der Lans flower specialists has joined the company. In 1988, Piet’s son Mart van der Lans started working for the family business as a purchasing agent, aged just 16. In November 1999, he and his wife Jacqueline took over the company and continued trading with great enthusiasm and fervour. These days, the company mainly exports flowers to Belgium, France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Romania. Mart now has 19 years’ worth of experience as a purchasing agent and still attends auctions every day.

The Van der Lans family have always considered quality and service of paramount importance. Over the years, Gebroeders van der Lans Bloemex b.v. has specialised in delivering products with an excellent price/quality ratio, with a highly customer-oriented approach to service. This being the case, it should come as no surprise that we have many satisfied customers as well as an excellent reputation in the field – which we have had for nearly seventy years now.

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